We believe that skin has a life and that vitamin A is the “oxygen” it needs to look beautiful and healthy for life.

The Environ range of skin care products incorporates the latest medical and scientific advances in skin care. With high concentrations of vitamins A, C, and E, antioxidants and peptides, the Environ range can help restore, protect and maintain the appearance of a healthy, youthful, and beautiful skin.

An increase in environmental pollutants and chemicals along with the effects of a thinning ozone layer all contribute to an increase in photo-damage, pigmentation, acne and other skin conditions with the accompanying depletion of  vitamin A in our skin

If you wish to purchase Environ products online, please create an account when you checkout as Environ product range is prescription based. This way we can ensure the correct product for your skin type. 

The answers to the most common questions when using Environ

  • Vitamin A is the building block to keep our skin healthier, younger for longer, and youthful. Vitamin A protects our skin in the day and repairs during the night.

    A deficiency in Vitamin A leads to skin issues, i.e, oily, dry, dehydrated skin, pigmentation, and other skin conditions.

    Vitamin A helps to normalise the DNA in the nucleus of the skin cell, therefore, repairing any skin abnormalities.

    Vitamin A should be used morning and night. Sunblock must be worn every day as we try to retain the skin’s Vitamin A levels and prevent premature aging.

  • Yes, Vitamin A can be used on sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is a result of many factors; environment, diet, lifestyle, stress, etc. Vitamin A helps to repair the skin’s DNA and subsequently desensitises the skin.

    Environ Vitamin A is a Step-Up System. The system was created to help severe and inflamed skin.

    You will began on the AVST gel which has a lower dose of Vitamin A, and work up to AVST level 5. Therefore, your skin can adjust to the steady increase of Vitamin A levels in the skin.

  • At the bottom of Environ packaging, there is an open-by date. If the product is opened before or on this date, it can be used within 3-4 months. If opened after this date, it is likely that the ingredients are no longer active and you will not be gaining any benefit from the product.

  • Exfoliator does not need to be used when using Vitamin A.

    Vitamin A gives the skin a great cellular turnover which is a natural exfoliant.

  • If your skin adjusts well to the Vitamin A level, then we can move you up to the next level incrementally. Otherwise, if you are getting a good response (dryness, few breakouts), this means your skin is adjusting to the Vitamin A. If this happens then you need to use two bottles at each level.

  • Environ Vitamin A can be used from age 4 onwards.

  • No, Vitamin A and sunblock ingredients cannot be mixed within the same product. However, you can apply an Environ sunblock after applying your Environ Vitamin A AVST moisturisers. Sunblock must be worn to preserve the Vitamin A in our skin and prevent premature aging.

  • Environ Homeroller can be used every day as the needles are 0.2mm. This will help to penetrate the product deeper into the skin which will help with dehydration, pigmentation, sensitivity, and signs of aging.

  • Only AVST 1 and 2 can be used whilst pregnant or breastfeeding. If you are on a higher level of AVST, Environ recommends stepping down to AVST 1/2 until after pregnancy/breastfeeding and then working your way back up.

    The amount of Vitamin A is about the same amount of Vitamin A that is in an egg. One egg contains around 260 i.u of Vitamin A. When rubbed into the skin, a minimal amount (if any) will get into the skin cell. A slice of liver contains about 20,000 to 50,000 i.u. It is extremely unlikely that topical vitamin A could pose a health or pregnancy risk, unless the whole bottle is ingested at once!

    The skin already contains Vitamin A (more than 90% is in the form of retinyl palmitate) which is destroyed by light so needs to be replaced daily to stop lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and premature aging. We recommend you use the EssentiA Oil every day while pregnant on areas at risk (stomach, hips, breasts) to help to avoid getting stretch marks.

  • Yes, we recommend using Environ Alpha Hydroxy Toner as it is specially formulated to work in synergy with the Environ vitamin A moisturisers.

    A mild exfoliating action helps to refine the appearance of your skin texture, it smooths the look of your skin, and assists in improving the appearance of uneven skin tone.

    Using toner allows for greater absorption of your Environ products in your every day skin routine.

  • Environ products must be used morning and night.

    During the day, Environ products helps to protect the skin and at night, it works to repair the skin.

    By doing this you sustain your Vitamin A levels, make your skin look younger for longer and prevent any possible skin conditions.

  • Yes, this is normal.

    After rolling, you have created more channels in your skin for the products’ active ingredients to absorb into your skin at a greater rate of 80%. Before rolling, the absorption rate is only 10%.

  • My recommendation is to use an Environ cleanser, Alpha Hydroxy toner, Vitamin A moisturiser, eye cream, and Sunblock. We can then progress onto serums, masks or more advanced treatments to align with your desired skin goals.

  • Environ Vitamin A is the best Vitamin A product to use because of their packaging.

    Environ packages Vitamin A in light, air, and heat protective bottles, therefore protecting 100% of the active ingredients.

    Vitamin A is destroyed by oxygen, so with other brands you may not be seeing the full benefit of your products.

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