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Hyperpigmentation is not always referred to as a disease, but often as a concern for those who start noticing darker skin. This usually manifests as skin darkening in certain areas, while the surrounding skin remains unchanged. Hyperpigmentation can be caused by UV rays, but may also be the result of pimples, acne, friction, burns, hormonal changes, pregnancy, or other aggressive cosmetic treatments.

Hyperpigmentation can occur in small patches, can cover large areas or affect the entire body. Usually, hyper pigmentation is not a cause of concern but in some cases it can point to a different medical condition.

What Causes Hyperpigmentation?

An excessive amount of melanin is the most common cause of hyperpigmentation. The pigment in your skin, called melanin, determines its colour. Skin cells known as melanocytes are what produce melanin and various different conditions or factors can change and alter the production of melanin in your body. 

Hyper pigmentation can also be caused because of different medications or medical conditions. For example, diseases like chemotherapy can prescribe certain drugs to patients that can cause hyperpigmentation as a side effect. If you suspect any other medical conditions, it is better to get yourself tested first.

Luckily, hyperpigmentation can be treated. Laser pigmentation removal and other skin pigmentation treatments are offered at Beautalise. We offer treatments such as pico laser pigmention removal & Cosmelan. If you’re searching for a Dermamelan peel near me, our experts are here to treat you!

What Is Cosmelan/Dermamelan?

When it comes to depigmentation peels that are available in the market today, Cosmelan / Dermamelan peels are the best treatments. Cosmelan/Dermamelan is referred to as a magical product that can treat all types of skin pigmentation such as post inflammatory pigmentation, melasma, senile lentigo (age spots), solar spots and freckles.

Cosmelan/Dermamelan works as a product that reduces your surface pigment through its peel procedure. This peel procedure is then followed by a special skin care routine that will help significantly reduce the pigment over the next three months. This method treats hyper pigmentation by targeting melanin overproduction and reducing it from the melanocyte itself. Cosmelan/Dermamelan is a peeling treatment for pigmentation.

Whether it is continuous sun exposure that is causing your skin to age, general imperfections caused by melanin or blemishes on your face caused by excessive pigmentation, dark blemishes have become a common problem in today’s date, as many people suffer from such issues. The more common problem in our current world is that skin on hands and legs are more prone to darkening, over time.

How To Treat Hyperpigmentation

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How Does Cosmelan/Dermamelan Work?

Cosmelan/Dermamelan, being a multi-ingredient, unique and melanin inhibiting depigmentation mask, works on all skin types. This pigmentation removal treatment  reduces the body’s melanin production as well as make your melanocytes cells healthy and to produce less melanin , so that the skin can have an even complexion all around instead of appearing pigmented at certain places. 

The Cosmelan/Dermamelan peel can help patients target troubles such as blemishes, dark spots, dull skin, dry areas and acne scars Melasma, therefore significantly decreasing this The Cosmelan/Dermamelan peel works on all skin types so you do not have to worry about qualifying as a viable candidate. 

After your Cosmelan/Dermamelan peel treatment, you will be advised to use the Cosmelan/Dermamelan Peel II cream for the next seven months, which will ensure that your hyperpigmentation does not return. Cosmelan/Dermamelan has 95% efficacy rate for addressing and acting on troubled areas of hyperpigmentation, blotchy skin, scarred skin and melasma. 

Before beginning your Cosmelan/Dermamelan peel treatment, you must notify your health professional, particularly if you’re undergoing any other skin treatments.. If your other skin treatment includes glycolic acid, you must immediately stop the other treatment for a week before you start your Cosmelan/Dermamelan peel treatment. 

Remember that the Cosmelan/Dermamelan depigmentation procedure can only be administered by trained and qualified professionals.Once you’re done with your peel procedure, you must continue for 7 months with the Cosmelan/Dermamelan skin care products at home to receive the best results. 

At Beautalise you can rest assured knowing that highly skilled and trained professionals will administer the Cosmelan/Dermamelan peel procedure to you and make sure your treatment is a success. If you have any doubts and queries, you can reach out to us before booking your appointment. Contact us at 02 1169 4975 or fill in our online enquiry form at for services such as lip pigmentation treatment and RF microneedling in Auckland today.

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