Cosmelan® & Dermamelan® Peel Auckland

Over 1 Million patients treated worldwide with Number 1 scientifically-tested professional depigmenting’ peeling programme

Pigmentation is a growing concern in all ethnic groups and skin types with 90% of people experiencing varying types of pigmentation from Melasma, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, sun induced pigmentation and genetic types of hyperpigmentation.

Cosmelan® for lighter skin and Dermamelan® for darker skin, is the number one, scientifically-tested professional depigmenting peeling programme recommended worldwide. Professional Cosmelan® and Dermamelan® depigmenting peeling programme can see a 95% reduction in all pigmentation.

Cosmelan® & Dermamelan® Before and After

The benefits of Cosmelan® and Dermamelan®

  • Treats melasma, PIH, liver spots and Freckles
  • 95% reduction in unwanted pigmentation
  • Treatment to prevent pigmentation from returning and keep the melanocytes healthy
  • Treatment for all skin colours
  • Great resurfacing treatment
  • Gives the skin dewy glow
  • Boosts the production of collagen to improve fine lines and wrinkles, skin texture and tone
  • Makes the skin look smoother, supple and flawless


Cosmelan Peel: $2,150

-Brightening Peel Booster (Preparation 4wks prior)
-Cosmelan 1 Mask (In clinic Peel Treatment)
-Post Treatment Home Care Kit (Depigmentation regime)

Dermamelan Peel: $2,300

-Brightening Peel Booster (Preparation 4wks prior)
-Dermamelan Mask (In clinic Peel Treatment)
-Post Treatment Home Care Kit (Depigmentation regime)

What to expect

Before treatment: Use a good skincare regime with Vitamin A and Vitamin C one month prior to starting Cosmelan® to strengthen the skin integrity and the best result possible

The Cosmelan®/Dermamelan® treatment consists of 5 steps over a 7 month programme:

In Clinic

Step 1: Skin Preparation | Remove makeup with Hydramilk and tone with Hydratonic
Step 2: Degrease | Soak a gauze with Cosmelan Oil Removing Solution and gently rub onto the skin and wait for skin to dry
Step 3: Mask Application | Apply Cosmelan to face like a mask

At home routine 

Step 4: Mask Removal | Leave the mask on the skin for 8 to 12 hours then remove with warm water
Step 5: Home Care Maintenance | Follow the after care instructions for best results

At 65 years old visiting Smita at Beautilase and having pigmentation work done on my face was a first for me. I have never done anything like that and had no idea what to expect. It was an extremely relaxed and informative experience with very little discomfort and the results are remarkable, my skin looks amazing already.

Smita explains the whole process clearly and precisely and obviously enjoys and believes in what she does. she is passionate and excited when explaining in depth what happens, how it happens, why we need to protect our skin and is happy to chat about all the different procedures available, I would definitely recommend her to anyone considering any of these forms of treatment and I most definitely would go back to her.

— Karen


Cosmelan and Dermamelan treat the root cause of the pigmentation which are the melanocytes cells by reprogramming and making them healthy to produce just the right amount of melanin to protect the skin. But at the same time removes the melasma, hyperpigmentation, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation old and new, Solar/Senile lentigo, (Freckles) dark spots and reduces the action of the cells that produce skin pigment to create a more even skin tone. It also rejuvenates the skin and moves the signs of photo-ageing and photo-damage.

Dermamelan is stronger than Cosmelan and contains a higher amount of active ingredients for more severe pigmentation such as dermal melisma and sever inflammatory hyperpigmentation for oiler acne and scared skin. Also better for darker skin tones. Cosmelan and Dermamelan combined of in-clinic treatment and must follow home-care protocol for the application of specialised creams morning and night.

Please see my Cosmelan video dairy

Cosmelan Peel felt like a mud mask, when I remove it after 10 hours, my skin felt warm and as the days progressed it became redder and hotter like a real bad sun burn with some swelling.  However, it was bearable and by day three the redness, sun burn feeling, and swelling had calmed down. My skin then started peeling and by day 4 and 5 the peeling was quite bad for about 2 to 3 days. At this point my skin felt very tight and dry.

It is very important to follow the after-skincare routine with the products provided to achieve the best results.  In some cases you can get few break out as it brings out all the impurities.

In my experience, the first 2 days felt like a bad sun burn, few of my clients commented that “have I had too much sun?”  My advice would be to take day off from day 3 of the peel. I also didn’t wear any make up as my skin looked and felt amazing (please see my video my Cosmelan or Dermamelan Peel journey).

Cosmelan and Dermamelan peel can be performed on a yearly basis for maintenance:

Cosmelan and Dermamelan exclusive formula has achieved incredible results in over a million clients worldwide for all kinds of pigmentation, blemishes and ALL skin tone types

Cosmelan Contraindications

Cosmelan is not for the following:


IVF treatment


Kidney Disease

Cancer (Unless in remission for 2 years)

Skin cancer


Undergoing Radiotherapy Therapy

Keloid Scaring

Autoimmune disease and chronic imbalance affecting the skin and/or dermatological


Cosmelan Peel Precautions?

Allergies to aspirin (salicylic acid) or any other derivatives from aspirin

Facial Herpes: (Zovirax), famciclovir(Famvir), and valacyclovir (Valtrex). Take any one of these 2 weeks before treatment if you get regular occurrence.

Combination treatment with Vit A derivatives (oral isotretinoin wait 6months)

Current Bacterial infections


Burns/Skin Graft/ Recent scar tissue


Recent dermatological

Hypersensitivity to light

Open wounds

Acne with open wound and infection


Laser / IPL /Waxingin the last 2-4weeks(in the treatment area)

Botox and Filler in last 4weeks



Natural Remedies (St Johns Wart stop 2 weeks before treatment)




Combination treatment with Vit A derivatives (oral Roaccutana / isotretinoin wait 6months)

Gluten intolerance

Lactose intolerance


Blood thinners medication

Blood disorder (Hepatitis,HIV)

2 weeks before avoid the sun tanning beds and prolonged sun exposes for

6 months before avoid isotretinoin or other retinoid

2 weeks before avoid any kind of aesthic treatments, lasers ect.

7 days before client must avoid using implanting fillers abrasive or irritants substances: colour bleach, depilatory products waxing threading or shaving. For men shave 24 hours.

2 weeks before avoid the sun tanning beds and prolonged sun

6 months before avoid isotretinoin or other retinoid

The patient must wait at least:

For males, resist shaving for minimum of 24 hours prior to treatment.

The treatment can be performed any time of the year due to active cosmeceutical ingredients that are active yet comfortable and giving successful results.

Swimming pool, Sauna, exposure to natural or artificial light and sources of direct heat for up 48 hours

Avoid make–up for 7 to 10 days after the treatment.

Cosmelan and Dermamelan is a safe procedure for all skin tones and all types of pigmentation as it does not alter the pH of the skin and with great results.

Cosmelan and Dermamelan is number one treatment recommended worldwide for Whitening and brightening and reducing pigmentation like melasma, Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation old and new, Solar/Senile lentigo, Freckles, dark spots up to 90-95%.

Side effects are very minimal: Redness, itching and tightness

As precautionary I usually ask my clients to take antihistamines prior to the treatment and then for the first 3-4 days after the treatment to reduce the inflammatory process, I have found that this has been worthwhile for clients.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, any kind of chemical peel may cause scarring or infection in certain conditions and every individual is different.

It’s very important that you follow all the aftercare instructions to avoid an adverse reaction and for best results.

As soon as you remove Cosmelan or Dermamelan 1, the skin will feel like ‘baby’ skin and brighter, more even in tone. It is very important to follow the aftercare instructions and apply the Cosmelan or Dermamelan 2 mask on a regular basis as instructed to see the visible improvement in hyperpigmentation and the disappearance of superficial dark spots and pigmentation in one month.

To ensure lasting results, it is essential to complete the home treatment cycle (progressive inhibition).

The Cosmelan or Dermamelan: Mask 1 must be applied in Clinic.

Home Care Pack: Has Cosmelan or Dermamelan Mask 2 which can be used at home.

7 Months home care programme which must be followed to obtain the results.

The procedure has potential benefits and risks and results may vary with each individual and in rare cases the desired results may not be reached. It is impossible to predict how you will respond to the treatment and how many sessions may be required due to unknown factors such as underlying medical conditions and lifestyle factors.


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