Dermamelan® Intimate Peel

Dermamelan® Intimate Peel by mesoestetic® is the number 1 depigmentation treatment for intimate areas. Clinical studies support the success of the treatment in all types of skin and types of hyperpigmentation in areas of the body like the chest, armpit, back and pubic areas. For this reason, in the recent years intimate areas have been the most requested for skin bleaching and lightening of hyperpigmentation.

The benefits of Dermamelan®

Dermamelan® Intimate Peel by mesoestetic® is non-invasive solution for effective and safe hyperpigmentation removal in intimate areas. Developed in collaboration with gynaecologists, Dermamelan® helps rejuvenate and tighten the skin, achieving effective results in the genital-perineal, perianal area, mons pubis, inner thighs and groin. Other benefits:

    • Its depigmenting action is complemented with a visible anti-aging action
    • Proven clinical efficacy and tolerance
    • Results visible in a single clinical session
    • Simple, painless, easy-to-follow protocol

What to expect

In Clinic

Step 1: Area is cleansed with lukewarm water and specially formulated balm is applied to protect delicate areas to avoid irritation or migration of the acid solution

Step 2: Dermamelan® Intimate Peel is applied and left on for 7 minutes for delicate areas or up to 2 hours for less sensitive areas

Step 3: Spray is applied to neutralise the peel acids and stop all peel action

Step 4: The treated area is covered with the occlusive film to accelerate penetration of the active ingredients

At home routine

Step 5: 2 hours after your peel treatment, remove the peel with lukewarm water

Step 6: Pat dry and apply Crystal Fibre Intimate Mask over the treated area. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and remove gently with a soft cloth

Step 7: Apply 2 clicks of the depigmenting gel cream per night to treated area for 48 days. We recommend protecting intimate clothing with a panty liner to prevent the gel possibly staining clothes

Step 8: Come and see us at Beautilase after 30 to 45 days to review the treatment and results


Pigmentation removal | 3 month programme, including at home depigmentation regime: $1,299


Dermamelan Intimate Peel is a single in Clinic treatment session specifically formulated with 6 innovative active ingredients with complementary synergistic action. Its last generation liposome encapsulation system provides maximum efficacy.

It is an Anti-aging depigmentation treatment and also helps to clear blemishes, improves tissue imperfection, turgor and appearance of the intimate areas.

Dermamelan intimate can treat any area of hyperpigmentation.
  • Skin allergies
  • Herpes
  • Treatment with vitamin A derivatives
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Bacterial infections
  • Viral infections
  • Hypersensitivity
  • 2 weeks before avoid the sun tanning beds and prolonged sun exposure
  • 6 months before avoid isotretinoin or other retinoid
  • 4 weeks before avoid any kind of aesthetic treatments, lasers etc.
  • 5 days before client must avoid using abrasive or irritants substances: colour bleach, depilate or shaving. For men shave 24 hours.
  • Shave 48hours before treatment
  • Wax 5 days before treatment
Swimming pool, Sauna, Gym, tight clothing, Friction and sex, exposure to natural or artificial light and sources of direct heat for up to 48 hours. Depilation, Waxing and Lasers 15 days.
Typically one Dermamelan Intimate Peel will give you 90 to 95% result.
  • It works simultaneously on many areas of melanogenic.
  • Removes existing hyperpigmentation and prevents it from recurring in the skin.
  • It prevents the inflammatory action by blocking the enzyme COX (Cyclo-oxygenase) which is responsible for the inflammatory response.
  • Renews the outermost layers of the skin to stimulate the production of fibroblasts, which produces new collagen and elastin.
  • Dermamelan Intimate Peel enhances the depigmentation of the skin in a gentle and non-irritating manner, by blocking the transfer of melanosomes, and reducing the activation of the tyrosinase.

Pigmentation in the intimate areas is stemming from a number of different causes or influences: ageing of the skin, genetics and external factors.

Hormonal factors

  • life stages when female genitals may become darker:
  • Puberty (gonadotropin-releasing hormone oestrogens)
  • Pregnancy (oestrogen, that is generally formed in
  • the ovaries, is also produced by the placenta during pregnancy to help maintain a healthy pregnancy
  • Menopause (hormonal therapy with oestrogens or progesterone, alone or in combination)

Physiological factors

  • The distribution of melanocytes is not homogeneous in the skin
  • The number of melanocytes is higher in the face and in the genital area, and decreases in the trunk and the extremities, enhancing hyperpigmentation in these areas
  • The genital area has the highest concentration of melanocytes in the body – at 2,400 / mm², the average density is 20% higher than the face

Other factors

  • Increased pigmentation associated with oestrogen increase derived from the use of contraceptives.
  • High phototypes have shown a higher prevalence of genital pigmentation.
  • Mechanical friction in the inner thighs can cause superficial lesions that result in spots.
  • The use of tight clothes. Friction stimulates skin defence, and this causes a greater pigmentation in the area.
  • Depilation techniques like hot wax and laser, which can produce PIH.

Dermamelan depigmenting gel cream helps to treat:

  • Hyperpigmentation and skin discolouration
  • Has a great regulating action.
  • Improves the barrier function of the vulvar epithelium
  • Strengths and increases the skin’s elasticity and improve its tone and turgor (its ability of skin to change shape and return to normal)
  • Protect and moistures the vulvar epithelium (inner lining of the vagina)
Dermamelan is very safe with no side effects but in very rare cases may react to an ingredient.
There shouldn’t be any sensitivity but in the very rare case that there is, then may wait until the area returns to normal
You should notice the immediate difference in the skin texture and tightness but pigmentation will change over time as you progresses with 48 days home care regime
Dermamelan is suited for all skin colours
Dermamelan Intimate Peel can be done at any time of the year.

The procedure has potential benefits and risks and results may vary with each individual and in rare cases the desired results may not be reached. It is impossible to predict how you will respond to the treatment and how many sessions may be required due to unknown factors such as underlying medical conditions and lifestyle factors.

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