Acnelan® Acne Treatment

Acne is a common chronic disease affecting 80% to 90% of the population during their lifetime. Acne is caused by excess androgen production involving a sequence of different triggers.

Acnelan® acne treatment is a cutting edge treatment that deep cleans the dermis to restore skin to optimal texture, tone and hydration. Results are achieved through a combination of in-clinic and at-home treatments.

Acnelan® provides a cross-functional approach in addressing common acne triggers. Acnelan® acne solution by mesoestetic® is the latest, affordable topical treatment shown to effectively, comfortably and efficiently control acne manifestation.

The benefits of Acnelan®

  • Controls bacterial proliferation to inhibit the growth and reproduction of the strains making up the skin flora
  • Less redness and epidermal swelling to reduce and soothe the intensity of the spot
  • Reduces oils to slow down the secretory activity of sebaceous glands
  • Reduces active acne and prevents new acne formation
  • Cleanses the skin to removing impurities, clear blocked pores and maintain a healthy skin balance
  • Removes impurities and improves skin texture
  • Stimulates cell renewal and reduces post-acne pigmentation

Results with Picosecond Laser

What to expect

A full consultation is carried out to develop a treatment plan specific for your skin’s needs prior to having the treatment. Treatment is recommended as a course of 3 treatments (or 6 treatments in severe cases of acne). Clients need to use the mesoestetic® at-home skin care to get the best results.

Step 1 | Skin Preparation: Face is cleansed with purifying mousse

Step 2 | Intensive:

  • Acnelan® multifactor mask is applied and is left to develop for 3 minutes
  • After 3 minutes, multifactor mask is removed with a wet towel to remove the mask
  • Skin is sprayed with post-peel neutralising spray and skin is dried with towelette

Step 3 | Rebalance: The pore sealing shield gel is evenly applied and gently massaged in

Step 4 | Finishing: Finish off with moisturising sun protection


One treatment: $180

Acne Grade 1-3 | 3 treatments required + at home regime: $851.96

Acne Grade 3-4 | 5 treatments required + at home regime: $1,181.96


acnelan is an innovative m.acne complex™, a unique combination of active ingredients selected specifically for their complementary properties.

It contains salicylic acid, mandelic acid and sodium lepargilate, which combined with the exclusive bexaretinyl complex have a unique synergistic action that produces deep cleansing and comprehensive renewal of acne-prone and seborrheic skin.

The properties of m.acne complex™ have been studied at an in-vitro level and have shown to reduce redness and swelling in lesions, as well as to have a depigmentation effect by reducing the ability to synthesise melanin.

Before Treatment

2 weeks before: avoid the sun tanning beds and prolonged sun exposes.

6 months before: avoid isotretinoin or other retinoid treatments or lotions

During the 3 weeks prior to treatment, do not perform any other professional peels (dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, ultrasound peels, etc.)

2 weeks before: avoid any invasive or non-invasive cosmetic treatments such as injectables, laser, etc.

7 days before: avoid using abrasive or irritants substances such as colour bleach, depilatory products waxing threading or shaving.

For males, resist shaving for minimum of 24 hours prior to treatment.

Wait for at least one week after treatment for the implantation of filler substances of tattoos.

Avoid swimming pool, sauna, exposure to natural or artificial light and sources of direct heat for up to 48 hours.

Avoid post-treatment with retinoids according to the evolution of the treatment.

Avoid depilation with wax, electricity or photo depilation for 15 days.

Acnelan is not for the following:

IVF treatment
Kidney Disease
Cancer (Unless in remission for 2 years)
Skin cancer
Undergoing Radiotherapy Therapy
Keloid Scarring
Autoimmune disease and chronic imbalance affecting the skin and/or dermatological

Allergies to aspirin (salicylic acid) or any other derivatives from aspirin

Facial Herpes: (Zovirax), famciclovir(Famvir), and valacyclovir (Valtrex). Take any one of these 2 weeks before treatment if you get regular occurrence.

Combination treatment with Vit A derivatives (oral isotretinoin wait 6months)

Current Bacterial infections


Burns/Skin Graft/ Recent scar tissue


Recent dermatological

Hypersensitivity to light

Open wounds

Acne with open wound and infection




Natural Remedies (St Johns Wart stop 2 weeks before treatment)



Combination treatment with Vit A derivatives (oral Roaccutana / isotretinoin wait 6months)

Gluten intolerance

Lactose intolerance


Blood thinners medication

Blood disorder (Hepatitis,HIV)

After the treatment there may be a mild heat sensation, some redness and irritation. The skin will peel over the next 3-5 days revealing smooth, clear skin. It is important to follow the home care instructions following the treatment and individual results may vary. We recommend you complete the prescribed treatment plan to ensure optimal results

Immediately after the treatment there may be a mild heat sensation, redness and irritation. The skin will peel over the next 3-5 days revealing smooth, clear skin.

For 48 hours avoid exposure to natural or artificial light and sources of direct heat.

After 48hours the skin is undergoing rapid cell renewal including an exaggerated shedding process. Depending on each individual confidence will determine your eagerness to engage in social interactions.

Acnelan is not painful. But there may be mild discomfort and a heat sensation, but the peel application is very quick. There’s nothing to worry about! You may have sensitive skin for two days following the treatment..

There are no major common side effects in very rare cases patient may develop hyperpigmentation due to not following correct home care or underlying issues.
Most people get great results with a single treatment whilst others may require 3 or more treatments. The underlying cause of the acne can impact the results, particularly if it is hormonal.
Clinical trials have proven that the acnelan peel significantly reduces inflammatory acne lesions and post-acne pigmentation, with reduced sebum (oils) and improvement of skin texture in 100 per cent of cases.

To maintain the results of the acnelan peel it very important to follow the recommended home care regime. To completely remove the acne in severe cases, 2 to 4 treatment programmes may need to be performed each year.

During consultation we will discuss dietary advice to balance the hormonal and help achieve a greater longer outcome.

Oil free SPF is recommended during the day.

Yes, acenlan Peel can be used on the :

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Legs

Acnelan is a clinically effective and safe treatment for hormonal, active, comedones, papules, pustules, nodules, scars, hyperpigmentation and persistent acne

It is recommended as a course of 3 treatments or in severe cases of acne 6 treatments, with an interval of minimum 15 days between.

Yes, acnelan peel has been shown to reduce the visibility and redness of acne scars. However depending on the severity and current acne cycle may depend on the number of treatments required, and if necessary other complimentary treatments such as RF Microneedling, LED etc.

Acne stems from a number of different causes or influences: ageing of the skin, genetics and external factors.

Hormonal factors

  • Puberty Raining Testosterone
  • Pregnancy Surge of hormones
  • Menopause (hormone imbalance hormonal therapy with oestrogens or progesterone, alone or in combination)

Other factors

  • Contraceptives, certain medication
  • Diet: high amounts refined sugars or Low GI carbohydrates, such as white bread and chips
  • Depilation techniques like hot wax, threading shaving


  • Having parents who had acne

Step 1 of the treatment is the Acnelan Peel and is conducted in clinic to ensure even application and optimal results, however the follow up topical treatments can be applied at home

The procedure has potential benefits and risks and results may vary with each individual and in rare cases the desired results may not be reached. It is impossible to predict how you will respond to the treatment and how many sessions may be required due to unknown factors such as underlying medical conditions and lifestyle factors.

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