Mesoestetic Bodyshock Slim-Up! Reducer


Intensive oral supplement indicated for people with a tendency to accumulate fat deposits.

Intensive oral supplement as an express treatment for fighting against localised fat deposits. Its composition with L-carnitine combined with green tea extract favours the use of fat as a source of energy, mobilising and reducing it. In addition, the blackcurrant oil avoids fluid accumulation, achieving a cross-cutting reducing effect.

bodyshock is a powerful professional treatment that fights against cellulite, regardless of its nature and degree of advancement, localised fat and flaccidity. Specifically designed for treating aesthetic alterations in legs, buttocks, abdomen, sides, arms, double chin and breasts.


aceite de grosella negra

Vegetal chitosan

Green tea extract



1 capsule a day, morning.

Take one slim up! reducer a day, directly or diluted in 200 ml or the desired quantity of water.

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