ENVIRON Youth EssentiA Vita Peptide Serum 2


This is the second level in our premium Vitamin STEP-UP-SYSTEMTM Serum, When your skin is comfortable with Serum 1, step up to Serum 2 which contains a medium concentration of vitamins A, C and E as well as antioxidants and peptides.


· Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

· Help improves the Moisturise and softens the skin

· Improves skin complexion, tone & texture.

· Contains essential Amino Acids, antioxidants, vitamins and peptides to accelerate renewal of skin cells.

· Helps with sun damage skin – photo-ageing, pigmentation

· Helps with blemishes and scars.

· Increases production of collagen and elastin for more firm youthful looking skin.

· Softens certain scars and age lines to a degree that cannot be achieved even with surgery.

· Replaces the vitamin A that is decreased in the by sun and age giving the skin back it’s youthful appearance.

How to use


  1. Pre – Cleaning oil , Cleansing and Toning to face and neck

  2. Apply Vita-Peptide Youth EssentiA C Quence Serum 1, lightly massaging the serum onto the face, neck and decollete area. Or you can cocktail with C-Quence Crème in the palm of your hand

  3. AM – Apply SPF

  4. Ideal for all ages. especially those with mature, sun-damaged skin

Not recommended for oily, acne skin

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