ENVIRON Youth EssentiA Antioxidant Defence Creme Plus


Defence Créme Plus should only be introduced when skin is already comfortable with the dynamic product duo of Youth EssentiA® Intensive Serum 4 Plus and Antioxidant Defence Créme.

This moisturising créme assists in combating the effects of free radical damage by helping to enrich the skin with high levels of vitamins and antioxidants. Used in combination with Vita-Peptide Intensive Serum 4 Plus, this powerful moisturising créme is enriched with a high concentration of vitamin A and C, as well as several antioxidants that help to combat the effects of free radical damage. It also contains a dynamic combination of peptides and moisturisers that help to visibly reduce the signs of

ageing – keeping skin looking beautifully healthy and radiant.


· Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

· Help improves the Moisturise and softens the skin

· Improves skin complexion, tone & texture.

· Contains essential Amino Acids, antioxidants, vitamins and peptides to accelerate renewal of skin cells.

· Helps with sun damage skin – photo-ageing, pigmentation

· Helps with blemishes and scars.

· Increases production of collagen and elastin for more firm youthful looking skin.

· Softens certain scars and age lines to a degree that cannot be achieved even with surgery.

· Replaces the vitamin A that is decreased in the by sun and age giving the skin back it’s youthful appearance.


1. Pre – Cleaning oil , Cleansing and Toning to face and neck

2. Apply Vita-Peptide Youth EssentiA C Quence Serum 4Pluse, lightly massaging the serum onto the face, neck and decollete area. Or you can cocktail with C-Quence Defence Crème in the palm of your hand

3. AM – Apply SPF

4. Ideal for all ages. especially those with mature, sun-damaged skin

Not recommended for oily, acne skin

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