Supporting your truSculpt iD treatment with a healthy lifestyle

Booking your truSculpt iD treatment is really just the first step in your permanent fat reduction journey. 

While it starts with your decision to lose that stubborn fat you’ve been carrying around for years through a truSculpt treatment, a healthy lifestyle will be the key to making it a permanent result. 

truSculpt iD offers an average of 24% permanent fat reduction but if you’re not actively working to keep the weight off, then the results wont be as noticeable.

Exercise and a good, varied diet should feature in your daily routine – and it’s not about being the next Iron (wo)man, but it is about keeping your body moving. 

So here’s our recommendation to doing just that in a way that can be incorporated into your daily life seamlessly and without expensive gym memberships…

As a general rule, try to squeeze in at least 150 minutes (or about 30 minutes per day for 5 days) of moderate aerobic exercise a week. If you’re new to incorporating exercise into your routine, start off with a walk around your neighbourhood.  A swim in your local pool is also an incredibly effective way to get your heartrate up without putting too much stress on your joints and bones. 

If you’ve got grandkids, taking them to the park and walking alongside them as they ride their bikes instead of watching from the bench, or wandering down to the corner dairy to pick up a summer treat rather than driving in the car are great ways to make small changes to your daily activity levels.

If you work in an office and are stretched for time, use your 15 minutes breaks in the morning and afternoon to do a quick walk around your office block, or step away from your desk at lunch and head to your local park or beach for a brisk walk or jog. 

But if 30 minutes a day is too much to manage at the beginning, at least some form of aerobic exercise daily will be helpful. Parking your car at the far end of the car park at your local grocery store or hopping off the bus a few streets away from your normal stop will do the trick. 

Incorporate aerobic activity into your schedule in a way that makes it sustainable, doing something you enjoy (rather than a chore) and soon it will become a habit. 

You’ll also start to see the results of your truSculpt iD appear a lot faster – that in itself is the real reward!

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