CALECIM® Professional Serum


Enhance Procedures. Optimize Results

CALECIM® Professional Serum contains 80% growth factors and has been shown clinically to really speed up skin healing and improved composition of new skin regrowth.

Post-procedure treatment to enhance skin’s restoration process


· Rejuvenating Conditioned Media and is the physician’s aftercare of choice to enhance the effects of in-clinic aesthetic treatments

· Immediately after in-clinic aesthetic treatment CALECIM® Professional Serum reduces redness, swelling and discomfort by calming, soothing and restoring the skin.

· Regular use of the serum enhances the aesthetic treatment results and suitable for all skin types

· Regular use of the serum actively rejuvenates skin to combat signs of ageing.

· Serum is very light and can be applied after any aesthetic treatments. Significantly reduces the down time.

CALECIM® Professional Serum: can be used after following aesthetic treatments:

· Microneedling / RF Microneedling

· Microdermabrasion / dermabrasion,

· Laser skin resurfacing (Co2, Fraxel, Morpheous etc)

· Chemical peels including TCA / Phenol peels

· Facelift, Blepharoplasty eyelid & eye-bag surgery, rhinoplasty (nose-job), facial surgeries,

· Hair transplant

· Plasma Skin tightening (Plexr, Plasma-Pen, Fibroblast, Plasma Soft Surgery)

How to use

AM and PM Apply for at least two days after treatment. Regular use of the serum enhances the aesthetic treatment results

· Step 1 – Environ: Youth EssentiA – Cleansing Lotion: Apply to damp skin. Massage for 2 mins and rinse with lukewarm water and insuring skin is it is free of oil make up and impurities.

· Step 2 – Environ: Focus Care Alpha Hydroxy Toner: A mild exfoliating action helps to refine the appearance of the skin and texture by removing the dead skin and surface oil. Helps better penetration of the products.

Ø Apply 10 cent size on cotton wool disc, wipe all over the face, neck and décolleté.

Ø If you feel a tingling sensation, pre – dampen cotton wool disc with water to slightly dilute the toner before application.

Ø Allow to dry and carry on with your normal skin care routine.

· Step 3 CALECIM® Professional Serum: Use one pipette – full of serum of the whole face. Apply a few drops on each facial zone and press into the skin. One ampoule holds approximately 10 pipette of serum.

· Step 4 – CALECIM®Multi – Action Cream and CALECIM® Recovery Night Complex

· Step 5 – Mesoestetic: Sun Protection – Melan 130+ Pigment Control

Product Links

CALECIM® Multi-Action Cream

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Key Ingredients

Cord Lining Conditioned Media (Stem cell derived Fibronectins, Glycoproteins, Albumin, Collagens, Hyaluronic Acid)

All CALECIM® Professional skincare contain extracts of umbilical cord lining, providing skin with:

Soluble Collagen: provides skin with strength, shape and form

Albumin: maintains skin turgor and fullness

Fibronectin: binds to collagen, increasing its strength

Hyaluronic Acid: binds to water molecules to plump up skin

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