Age Elements Facial

age element® Facial

 Mesoestetic© are global leaders of aesthetic-medicine and medical cosmetics. age element® by Mesoestetic© is the new era of professional anti-aging systems inspired by the most advanced aesthetic-medical technology.

Mesoestetic© advances in understanding the aging process at a genomic level. Inheritance, environment, lifestyle, and emotions trigger epigenetic mechanisms that defect gene expression and negatively impact the quality and integrity of our skin.

age element® offers the latest proven solution in professional anti-aging skincare treatments that correct visible signs of aging skin. Each tailored treatment incorporates 3 synergistic active ingredients with proven epigenetic effects aimed at combating skin aging at its origin; promote cell regeneration, improve synthesis of vital proteins, and increase cell longevity.

In addition to age element® customised diagnosis technology, the 5-phase protocol ensures maximum results from the first session. The combination with clinic-professional and everyday home treatments maximises visible and longer-lasting skin health.


Epigenetics is the study of how behaviour and external factors contribute to the temporary modifications in gene expression, and the impacts on how one’s body interprets the alterations in genetic code. Internal and external factors such as diet, obesity, pollutants (e.g. chemicals and smoking), alcohol, and psychological stress have been identified to modify epigenetic patterns and play an important role in human health, including the visible aging process.

Mesoestetic© researchers understand the importance in epigenetic factors and its contribution to aging skin. They developed an innovative formula containing anti-aging complex to specifically restore and repair epigenetic defects, with proven effects.

Epigenetics and Skin Quality.

Epigenetics contributes to changes to our entire dermis, yet aesthetic youthfulness is reflected in the quality and integrity of  the skin on the face, neck, decolletage, and hands. These areas are greatly affected by the constant exposure to internal and environmental factors leading to gene inactivation at varying degrees. In particular, data has shown environmental factors such chemicals, smoking and pollutants, are the major contributors to dramatic alterations to skin cells (e.g. DNA methylation). Although, individual variances occur which makes each individual’s skin quality truly unique.


In addition to propriety technology, age element® utilises a diagnosis system that determines the optimal professional treatment appropriate for each client. A recommendation of a supplementary customised home regimen to enhance the in-clinic treatment is made according to the client’s unique skin combination.

All treatments have demonstrated epigenetic action in combating aging from its origin, and correcting signs of aging:

  • Improving tissue regeneration by supporting cell growth

  • Preserving skin cell’s ability to regenerate in an aging environment

  • Even skin tone

  • Speeds epidermal regeneration process for noticeably smoother skin

  • Supports cell longevity

  • Stimulates cellular cleaning process

  • Accumulative benefits throughout treatment experience

  • Builds unique experiences in each session


Covers all 5 essential phases of an antiaging treatment:

Phase 1: Consultation – Using age element diagnosis system™. Analyse the variable involved in the skin aging process and define a customisable treatment of each client

Phase 2: Cleanse – The skin after wearing make-up, dirt and impurities.

Phase 3: Resurfacing of the skin – Renewal to enhance epidermal regeneration and optimise penetration of the active ingredients.

Phase 4: Activation – Customised contribution phase based on the degree of aging and visible signs of skin-aging. Enhances radiance and firmness. Reduces wrinkles and provides density.

Phase 5: Boosting – Customised boosting (mask) to provide supplemental active ingredients to those used in the activation phase.




  • age is element diagnosis system TM

    Innovative diagnostic technology that analyses the variables involved in the skin aging process, considering the needs of each patient, their life habits and the conditions they would like to improve, and defines a personalised anti-aging treatment.

    3 epigenetic active ingredients with synergistic antiaging action:

    Shikimic acid– Cell longevity and DNA protection. Activates SIRT1, the youth protein.

    Maslinic acid –Moisturising, firmness and redensification. Increases the expression of structural genes such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin.

    Isoquercetin – Antioxidant action. Protects the skin from free radicals and enhances skin radiance.


    age elements brightening booster revitalising concentrate moisturises the skin and visibly reduces imperfections and expression lines.




    age elements firming booster is a firming concentrate with a lifting effect to help combat facial sagging.

    Redefine facial contour.

    Stimulates collagen and elastin


    age elements anti-wrinkle booster is a multi-corrector with anti-wrinkle action. Soothes the skin surface, helping reduce wrinkles and expression lines.

    Reduces depth of dynamic wrinkles with smart protection system

    Inhibits the action of free radical to prevent early appearance of wrinkles and expression lines

    age elements redensifying booster is a concentrate with redensifying and nourishing action, that helps improve elasticity and suppleness.

    Restructuring the dermis by reducing redness (Rosacea)

    Thickening the skin

    Deeper hydration


    Filling action


    Crystal fibre mask: With 3D Nano-fibre system provides radiance and moisturises the skin in depth.

    Revitalising moistening ant-wrinkle


    Regeneration power

    Revitalising effect

    Tightening reduces fine lines and wrinkles immediately

    Instant firming mask: Facial mask with immediate lifting effect. Provides firmness and revitalises.

    Increase elasticity

    Immediate Tightening


    Lift sagging tissues,

    Restore skin tone and structure.

    Absorbs impurities

    Enhances radiance

  • Immediately after the treatment but results are optimised as you progress on to your treatment plan with age elements.

Price (per session)

1hr session $280

5 sessions $1250

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The procedure has potential benefits and risks and results may vary with each individual and in rare cases the desired results may not be reached. It is impossible to predict how you will respond to the treatment and how many sessions may be required due to unknown factors such as underlying medical conditions and lifestyle factors.

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